Why are you social?

no love - theultralinx dot com
A wonderful depiction of a tough day in a social media manager’s life. Thanks to ultralinx.com for this perfect pic.

We all feel a deep need to connect. Social media has given us an easy way to make connections all over the world in seconds. We can share our family, our travels, our crafts, even our homes.

But why are YOU social? Do you have a story to tell? A product to share? A business to expand?

We tweet when we have short things to say. We Instagram when we have pictures to share. Facebook is a way to stay “connected” to our family and friends. Linked In is a platform for business networking. We pin when we want to keep something of interest. At least…that is what all these platforms USED to be for! Now that every social platform has found a way to integrate selling…the lines between the fundamental reason for each of these has blurred.

Now bots regulate direct messages to “keep in touch”, businesses buy and sell followers, you have to find just the right “strategy” to when you post, numbers of likes can define a campaign…and as the saying goes…no one is who they “post” to be.

So, who are you going to be today?

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